Pollution won't stop itself

Our nets stop trash from going into your local sewers, so that your water can look like this.

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How it works

Our nets easily slide into your sewer with easy removal on garbage pick up day. Garbage trucks will have an add on that makes the net removable in seconds. This process will prevent animals, harmful fertilizers from plants, and trash from entering your water. On top of that saving thousands of dollars from damage and blockage.

Sewer nets

Our nets are specially designed to be able to fit into any sewer that has an opening. Our experts will come and install every-thing so that you never have to worry about sewage blockage again.

The nets have highly durable netting that will survive extremely harsh conditions.


Garbage truck installations to be able too retrieve any of our nets. After the nets are placed in your local sewer, your routine trash day will retrieve any Unnecessary garbage.